Friday, 31 January 2014

One Up Manship - When Grown Ups Don't Grow Up!

 Maybe it's me. Maybe I have such an average life that when it comes to a game of "one up manship", I am always destined to lose. Or maybe it's simply because I refuse to play. I'm sure we all remember the "my Dad is bigger than your Dad" line we would pedal at school, or the "my house is bigger than yours" when we became teens, but I find it really hard to tolerate people who don't grow up and still play this game when they are fully fledged parents!

Maybe it is the sight of the playground that encourage these Mums to start off the "my 4 year old is reciting Shakespeare", "we have 73 after school activities" or "I know much more about your child's ailments because I read an article about it online". Unfortunately, by not joining in with these games, I do tend to alienate myself a little bit, and i'm oh so distraught that I will never be fully embarced into the inner sanctum of clique Mums, but i'll survive.

Thankfully, although I am seen as the lower classes of the playground groups, I am at least teaching my children some values. After the party last weekend, JJ came to me and said "so and so said he had a TV that was twice the size of ours which must look really awesome! But he sounded really boastful. I hope I don't sound boastful about my birthday presents". My work is done!

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