Wednesday, 18 December 2013

If The School Are Trying To Make Me Look Like A Rubbish Mum, I CAN DO WITHOUT THE HELP!

You can tell half term is nearly here when EVERYTHING is irritating me. So I apologise for my constant ranting at the moment. 

I was not told that choir wouldn't be on today. I walked out of the school gates, thought to myself "I will check, just in case" and sure enough choir was cancelled. I do not need the additional fun and games of trying to be caught out by school and their lack of communication at this time of year! All I ask is that they let me know when I should pick my child up. I imagine I would become very unpopular if I went in every week and asked "is choir on this week?".

I hate school at the moment. Like really hate it. I asked JJ if we could start home edding again yet and he said no. Sucks to be me :-(

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