Friday, 1 November 2013

Giving Independence (Then Panicking Like Crazy)

JJ has a lot of independence. He has roles to play around the home like sorting out breakfast for him and Little Miss on school days and being in charge of recycling. But I've noticed that since he has been going to school, he seems to be only one of a few kids in his class that are "self starters". I don't go into his classroom, put his lunch box away, settle him down at his table and help him start his "morning writing exercise", he can manage all of that by himself. A lot of other parents will do this every morning with their kiddos and it makes me wonder when did I manage to loosen the reins?

Then I found these pics on my phone, and realised it starts pretty much straight away! 

I am a firm believer that if they can do it, LET THEM DO IT! I don't have time pander to these things (not that they don't try it on every now and again. Only yesterday JJ, who will be 8 in Jan asked Nanny if she would do the velcro up on his shoes because he "couldn't manage it". Pshhhh). And at the rate they're going, i'll be getting breakfast in bed by Christmas! *laughs sarcastically at the prospect of any form of lie in, ever*

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